Be Here. Get There.

Gudjon Bergmann is a certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher who has been teaching, training, and coaching since 1996. He helps people overcome obstacles, develop motivation, integrate mindfulness, navigate transitions, and approach life with clear intentions. Whether your goal is to reduce stress, implement better habits, explore spiritual dimensions, or work toward specific goals, Gudjon can help you create a workable strategy.

Credentials + Life Experience

A coach is more than credentials. Gudjon has experience in both practical and spiritual life. He was raised in a fast-paced business environment that imbued him with an entrepreneurial spirit, spent ten years being the primary caretaker of his kids while his wife traveled for work, and has dealt with various difficulties, from tinnitus and bankruptcy after the banking crisis in 2008 to losing a loved one. Having been sober since 1999 has allowed him to form lasting relationships with friends and family. He sees his nightly meditation practice as a non-negotiable reset button. And he loves to read.

Three Types of Coaching

Which type of coaching suits your needs? It depends. Most people start with general life coaching. Once they gain more clarity, some people gravitate toward mindfulness practices while others explore the interspiritual framework. Take a look at each and see what appeals to you.

Schedule a Discovery Session

If you are intrigued, schedule a free 30-minute discovery session. Bergmann is available on weekdays during normal business hours, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, and on weekends.

Note: A discovery session is not a sales call. If you like what Gudjon has to offer and would like to use his services, you will get an email with more information after the session and have time to think about your options.

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