Book Coaching


"Without Gudjon’s wisdom, self-publishing technical skills, guidance, and heartfelt encouragement, my book would have never been published. I had started the book over multiple times and each time I had written myself into a corner. I was stuck and was about to give up when I turned to Gudjon. He brought just enough structure to keep me focused without killing my creative spirit, and I always came away from our sessions feeling positive and energized."

Clay Boykin

Author of Circles of Men

“I spent the past two years writing my first book/memoir. When I was done, I turned to Gudjon Bergmann to see if he could help me carry things to a point of publishing. I chose Gudjon because of his vast experience in writing books, his background in presenting his works, and his open "can do" nature. I was not disappointed. Gudjon helped me set realistic goals by patiently taking me through the process. He was also very fair and reasonable in relation to the cost. Gudjon made the process easy and enjoyable. His background in motivation was especially beneficial in terms of keeping me feeling good about what I had worked so hard to accomplish. I wholeheartedly recommend Gudjon Bergmann for his knowledgeable "end to end" book process instruction to anyone who is writing a book or considering writing a book. I would have been lost without his help...”

John Davidson

​Author of Driven with Heart: From Challenging Childhood to Debt-Free Millionaire

"I am grateful for the book publishing coaching of Gudjon Bergmann. He provided resources for typesetting my manuscript, book cover design, and walked me through the steps with Kindle Direct Publishing. I will use services again when I publish my next book."

Rev. Alfred W. Morgan

Author of Collection of Sermons

"Gudjon has taken so much fear out writing for me, which no one else has been able to do. I loved the process he taught which can be used no matter what you are writing. For the first time, words just flowed effortlessly. Gudjon is also a wealth of information in so many areas…resources, websites, design, publishing tips, etc."

Marcia Clark

Certified Professional Life Coach

"Gudjon has a relaxed and practical style to what he does. He has proved to be an invaluable resource and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in getting their book out."

​Marc Miller

Career Coach

"Gudjon is inspiring me and many others who are writing a first non-fiction book. His approach is straightforward and motivational."

Sharon V. Munroe